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Love Bugs – A Valentines Tutorial

These cute little love bugs are easy to make, and look great added to those dozen red roses or on a hand made card!

Make a Pom Pom

You can use ready made Pom poms – we have some over at the shop – but they are fun and easy to make too.

Cut out two doughnut shapes from card – it can be tricky to cut the middle hole out, but it’s alright to cheat and cut a slot to the middle to cut the centre circle.

Choose some wool, thread it through the centre circle in the card doughnut and start covering the entire doughnut with the wool – it can be easier to cut your wool into shorter lengths to make it more manageable to thread.

When your doughnut is covered in wool, and the hole in the middle is too small to continue threading, hold it together tightly. With some sharp scissors,  snip away around the edges, between the two cards.

Once you’ve snipped all the way around, pull the two pieces of card only slightly away from each other leaving a tiny gap. Grab another length of wool and wrap and tie around the wool in the centre of the doughnut.

Remove the two card doughnuts and fluff up your Pom Pom. You can snip away any straggly bits 🙂

Now We can Turn your Pom Pom into a Love Bug!

Using sticky or wobbly eyes, card, bits of felt or pipe cleaners, decorate your love bugs however you want. To add them to a flower display, just glue a bamboo skewer to the bottom or the feet of your love bug. You could even make little card feet on your love bugs and write some romantic promises underneath! Or, make a few and hide them in your loved one’s car or on their tray at breakfast. Lovely!

February 7th, 2016

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Tips for a Flippin’ Great Pancake Day

Everybody loves a pancake, whether you’re getting ready to observe Lent or just looking for an excuse to enjoy something sweet and unhealthy after your January diet. The thing is though, for some people, making pancakes can be a bit of a worry when you only do it once a year. We don’t want to cheat and buy a bottle of batter, or even worse (gasp!) buy ready-made pancakes. So I’ve put some tips together to help you make the best Pancake Day you can.

Plan ahead. Start to get things ready an hour before you want to eat. Make sure everyone knows what time you’ll be serving up, because they get cold so quickly! Put all the toppings out on the table with a big pile of spoons, and squeeze your lemons before you turn the hob on.

Tidy up. You’re going to be working fast and you don’t need anything in the way to trip you up. Keep a clear path between the kitchen and the dining table, and have a stack of plates ready to go. Put your batter ingredients away once the batter’s made. Keep your batter bowl or jug to the left of the hob and a stack of serving plates on the right.

Be patient. Let that pan heat up before you put anything in it.

Be brave. Pancakes that haven’t been tossed just don’t taste as good. For the perfect toss, imagine you’re bouncing a tennis ball on a racket. Just before you flick your wrist up, move your elbow forward about 2-3 inches. Keep your eye on the pancake while it’s in the air. Toss each pancake once, when the edges are curling and the surface is set. (Alright, do it a few times, show-off…)

Have reinforcements. If you can, when you get to frying, have another adult on hand, ready to step in. You’re going to want to eat too, and in the time it takes you to scoff a pancake, you’ll have burned the next one!

Put the first pancake in the bin. Nobody wants that stodgy mess.

Turn the extractor on. Because everybody burns at least one!

February 7th, 2016

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